Retrofits and New Constructions

Supervision and Project Management


We represent the customer. You. Not the OEM or the welding contractor or the NDT contractor. Yet we work with all to make the project a success.

From construction to commisioning

We stay with the project from the first welding strike to hydrotest, steam blow, chemical cleaning, and commisioning. The whole nine yards.

It's all about the trust

As a customer, you can't be present at every fit-up, every weld, every X-ray, and every decision. We can't either, but we identify the weak links and are present at every fit-up, every weld, every x-ray and every decision for those links.


Our motives are to make everyone a winner. Because if every link of a chain is strong, the entire chain is strong. And so it the boiler.

Want to see more?

We are always open to interesting projects.

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