Quality Control / Quality Assurance

The devil is in the detail. We assure the detail.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Whether it is annual shutdown maintenance, major rebuild, or new construction, QAQC ensures that assets are maintained or build up to industry standards. As an owner / operator do you trust that your assets meet all the standards? We ensure it does.

The devil is in the detail

Details matter. Whether it is as simple as an arc strike leading to a cracking or a major construction problems, they all can lead to a loss of production or reduced lifetime. We pay attention to the details. Details that matter.

Coordination and Collaboration

During a QAQC inspection, we address problems as they arise with the contractor responsible. No need to raise alarms if problems can be addressed right on the spot. And if they can't, we raise the concerns with the team members so they can be addressed. Being seen as a team member, not an enemy, is crucial to the success.

Meetings and Reports

Daily meetings and update reports inform everyone of the progress and concerns. Transparent accountibility and responsibility are great motivators.

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